About me.

Hi, I'm Renay

I’m a master clinical hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, completing the highest qualification in the world for hypnotherapy with the Australian College of Hypnotherapy (Bragging much?)

I believe that good mental health is key to living a happy and productive life and that good mental health doesn’t have to be hard to find.
I have a passion for helping people from all walks of life to find courage, clarity and control and move into the life they envision.

My greatest pleasure is watching as clients emerge from trance peaceful, positive and happy, ready to embrace transformation.

It all started when

I was looking for resources to help me in my own reovery from C.P.T.S.D. and it wasn’t easy to find. Every answer to every question took hours of searching and researchcing and I had a hard time with traditional talk methods.

My research took me down the path of sub concious programming and the connection that has with the body and how that determines so much of our behavior.

When I found Hypnotherapy it was like a light bulb coming on and everything just fell into place.

After spending so much time looking for answers, I love the simplicity in hypnotherapy and just how versatile it can be working with issues in a holistic and individual way with the potential to facilitate healing mind, body and spirit.


My Hypnotherapy education and practice begun in 2015 when I enrolled in the dual diploma of hypnotherapy and dimploma of neuro-linguistic programming with the Australian College of Hypnotherapy.

I opened my own practice as a student shortly after and qualified in 2016 becoming a registered professional member of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists.

Wanting to up my hypnotherapy game and offer the best service I possibly could to my clients I then enrolled back with the Australian College of Hypnotherapy to complete the advanced diploma of Hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming.

As part of my association membership and insurance requirements I am regularly updating my skills and learning new and fantastic techniques to use in clinic.

With an education that I whole heartedly believe is second to none, you can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands.


I live in Berwick in Melbourne’s outer south east and am a Melbourne girl born and bred.

I live with my husband and our blended family of 5 kids ranging from 1 up to 21 and our dog Molly and our cat Puss in Boots.

They are a unique and motley crew to say the least and they fill my days with washing, cooking, dishes, laughter and love.

Begin living your best life today