Tame the savage beast.

If you stop and really think about it, there are so many things in the world that may cause aggravation or anger.
There are always major injustices or injuries as well as the little day to day things that get under our skin.

 And you know that person that cut you off on the way to work this morning totally deserved the blasting you gave them…probably…maybe.
The thing with anger is, that as much as someone might deserve your wrath, all it actually does is rob you of your peace, make you feel bad and stop you enjoying your life.

Let's Talk About Anger Management

Just Another Emotion

The thing that can be hard to understand about anger is that it’s just another emotion like any other and everybody get’s angry from time to time.

Anger has to be expressed like any other emotion, the problem with anger, is that it is most often expressed in unhealthy ways that feel completely out of control and can be especially harmful.

It is possible to feel and deal with anger in healthy and natural ways that support and nurture your life instead of letting it rule your life.

Gain Control

When anger takes hold, it can seem sudden and explosive making it feel like you’re not in control, and you can definitely feel like you’re not really yourself in those moments, like someone else is in the driver’s seat.

The come down can often be as hard.  

When the anger has exhausted itself and you’re left with a host of other emotions like guilt and shame, the cycle can be never ending until you allow yourself to slow down and gain control of your emotions.

It can be easier than you think to let anger take a back seat and feel in control of your emotions.

Anybody who has experience anger knows that it can be downright exhausting. This may be because according to traditional chinese medicine, when anger is held in the body, it gets stored in the liver and lungs, creating issues with digestion, metabolism, blood oxygen levels and energy.

Fight, Fright, Freeze Responses

A lot like stress and anxiety, anger is generated in the body by the same stress hormones that create the fight, flight or freeze responses.

Where as a lot of anxiety behaviors fit within the flight or freeze responses, anger is the superpower of the fight response which is designed to make sure we come out swinging when we feel unsafe.

In today’s day and age however, anger can become triggered by anything that makes us feel pressured, anxious, stressed or unsafe.

By calming fight, flight and freeze responses it can be easier to feel safe in our own skin and handle situations with peace, calm and clarity.

Calm Emotional Responses

Anger like any other emotion, originates from somewhere and is usually a great big wall that we’ve put up to help protect us from others.

The resulting emotional responses can come quickly and suddenly and the longer that anger is an issue for you, the quicker that these responses begin to fire as the programming from the subconscious strengthens and fortifies and anger can become the initial response felt regardless of the situation.

Hypnotherapy can help you to find healing, calm emotional responses and find a place of peace from within so that your first response isn’t anger.

Find Forgiveness

When someone has done the wrong thing by us, it can be easy to hold on to the hurt and let old resentments fester until it grows into full blown anger.

There is a culture whereby forgiveness is seen as something to benefit the person who has done wrong but this isn’t the case.

Forgiving others for their wrongs is more about allowing yourself the peace to be able move on from the hurt and allow yourself the freedom to find happiness

Mend Relationships

Anger expressed in unhealthy ways has a way of genarating more anger, both within ourselves and from those around us creating toxicity and relationship that are unhealthy instead of loving and nurturing.

Instead of building something lasting, anger has a way of making everyone feel unsafe, destroying trust and tearing down what we work so hard to create, pushing everyone that matters away.

Identify Triggers

Everybody has different things that trigger their anger, from kids that won’t get ready in the morning (or go to bed at night) to peak hour traffic, from global injustice to keyboard warriors, whatever your triggers are, identifying them is the first step to being able to slow down the anger responses and find a healthy way to express yourself.

Express Yourself in Healthy Ways

One really big downside of anger is that it actually usually has the opposite effect of what you’re looking for.

You may have all of the right in the world to feel as angry as you do but, I promise you, that if you come out, guns blazing, what you’re going to get is a great big zero.

Anger makes other people feel unsafe and so sets off their own flight, fight or freeze responses so that they shut down and just stop listening and that’s all they do, if you’re lucky.

Finding healthy ways to express yourself opens up communication channels and actually gives you the added bonus of maybe actually getting you what you want.

Leave Anger Behind

When you have mastered you anger and taken control, you begin to feel lighter and free of the burden that comes with carrying so much around with you every day.

What will you do with that freedom?

Anger Management Hypnotherapy Melbourne

Get Your Life Back

Do you feel overwhelmed by life’s experiences and unable to cope because your feelings of nervousness are debilitating?

Perhaps your quality of life is compromised because you avoid situations because you worry about things that might happen? We offer anger Management hypnotherapy in Melbourne to persons in a constant state of tension or who consider themselves trapped in their feelings of deep psychological discomfort.

This form of therapy guides the individual into a deep state of relaxation where the mind is receptive to positive suggestions.

Benefits of hypnotherapy

Find Freedom

Hypnotherapy can help you find freedom from anxiety symptoms so that ou can breathe easy again and really begin living.

Feel Happy and Confident

You can leave anxiety behind and discover happiness and confidence as you tackle each day with clear calm clarity.

Move Forward in Life

There’s no need to keep looking back, you can keep moving and looking forward to the fullfilling life that awaits.

Rapid Results

In just four to six sessions, clients will usually notice a better sense of well-being and positive changes in their behavior.

What Sets R.G. Hypnotherapy Apart Regarding Anger Management Melbourne

Our hypnosis therapy for anger management focuses on addressing your mental health at a subconscious level. There we challenge the source of habits that hinder your progress and replace it with more empowering thoughts. The concept behind this is neuroplasticity, where you’re able to rewire your brain to adapt to circumstances to improve your life experience.

  • Highly qualified and experienced. Our therapist has an advanced diploma in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming from the Australian College of Hypnotherapy. She treats the cause of mental disorders for lasting change and not merely addressing the symptom.
  • Cost-effective. We cater to individuals of different budgets. After all, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your psychological well-being because you’re unable to afford it. We offer a free initial consultation, one or one and a half hour sessions, or you have the option of four, six or ten session packages.
  • Professional. We understand the challenges that come with finally deciding to take control of your mental health and the amount of effort required to reach out for help. We offer a non-judgmental environment where we treat client information with confidentiality so that individuals can open up without reservations and get to work on their peace of mind.

live your best life

Consider Hypnotherapy

While hypnotherapy isn’t a magic wand or a cure all, studies have shown that not only is it effective treating all manner of issues it does so in many cases much, much faster than traditional talk therapies. Not only that, studies have also shown that when used in as part of your health care team, outcome in all areas of your life can be improved. As an added bonus as if you needed more, hypnotherapy is almost entirely relaxing and enjoyable to participate in.


Long past the traumatic event, associated emotional and physical distress can be activated even by non-threatening triggers. Hypnosis may help to identify these stimuli for resolution.


Hypnotherapy creates a trance state, a condition of intense physical and mental relaxation. While this relaxation alone may offer some relief from trauma symptoms, it also facilitates and enhances relevant additional therapies.


The relaxed, trance state allows reliving the distressing trauma in a safe environment and under the trained therapist’s supervision. More appropriate reactions to identified triggers are then introduced, gradually reducing the stress response’s severity. Your therapist may also provide ongoing ‘homework’, including breathing exercises, meditation and self-hypnosis techniques.

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