Stress Management.

Aaaah, the daily grind. What we would we do without it? 

 Be a lot healthier and happier in all probability. A certain amount of stress can be good for us but too much can very quickly have us in state of overwhelm, exhaustion and burnout.

 It is easier than you think to find balance in your life, find focus and cope with everything life has to throw at you.

Let's Talk About Stress

Flight, Fright Or Freeze

The reason that anxiety happens is an evolutionary bodily function called flight, fight or freeze that operates within our nervous systems and flood our body with a whole heap of “stress” hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline.

This mechanism allowed for us as human beings to stay alive amidst some very rough conditions and meant that we could fight if we were under attack or run if we were in danger and couldn’t fight.

This was useful in caveman days when humans were prey to larger animals and so on but our modern version of the saber tooth tiger is anything that causes us worry.

As soon as we worry, we initiate our natural bodily responses of flight, fight or freeze.

The Stress Cycle

When the flight, fight or freeze responses are set in motion, our emotions are effected, causing us to panic or freeze in place, unable to move.

It also has an effect on our body. In the moment of anxiety, all of the bodily functions which aren’t crucial to keeping us safe in a dangerous situation, like digestion, turn off and the blood pumps faster to our muscles so that we can run, causing our heart rate to elevate.

Once we know we are safe again, the responses turn off, however if that cycle isn’t completed we stay in a loop that has real long term consequences for our health.

Hypnotherapy helps the body to unwind and restore natural balance to nervous system responses, calming emotional and physical symptoms and building up resiliance so that you can feel clear calm and in control so that you can get the most out of life.

Modern Day Stressors

With no saber tooth tigers around the things that make us feel unafe are different for everyone, some are things that are obviously stressful such as financial worries, being late for work or moving house.

Others are less obvious because rather than coming from a place of worry stress can also come from a place of over work or burn out where you’re just plain exhausted.

Being busy is celebrated in our culture as the way to be “successful”, but the human body can only take so much busy before it needs to rest and rejuvenate.

Ease the Pressure

Hypnotherapy can help to relieve the pressure so that you don’t feel like the world is on your shoulders by working with the whole body and mind to find a state of relaxation and peace so that you can handle every situation with clear, calm, clarity.

Calm Stress Responses

Hypnotherapy can help work with the body to rebalance hormones and calm nervous system responses so that you react to stress from a lower base level.

During sessions you will also be taught coping mechanisms and skills in resiliance so that you can react to stress in healthy ways, leaving you free to just be you.

Stress Management Hypnotherapy Melbourne

Get Your Life Back

The constant hustle and bustle of today’s busy life may become overwhelming at times, and stress is a common concern. If you do not manage it, stress can consume you and drastically decrease your quality of life, which is why stress management hypnotherapy is a popular pathway.

Benefits of hypnotherapy

Find Freedom

Hypnotherapy can help you find freedom from anxiety symptoms so that ou can breathe easy again and really begin living.

Feel Happy and Confident

You can leave anxiety behind and discover happiness and confidence as you tackle each day with clear calm clarity.

Move Forward in Life

There’s no need to keep looking back, you can keep moving and looking forward to the fullfilling life that awaits.

Rapid Results

In just four to six sessions, clients will usually notice a better sense of well-being and positive changes in their behavior.

What Sets R.G. Hypnotherapy Apart Regarding Stress Management Melbourne

Hypnotherapy has gained acclaim today for good reason, as it may offer some advantages that you haven’t encountered before. Here are some aspects to look forward to: ● The first way that hypnotherapy assists in stress relief is by placing you into a more relaxed state and assisting you in maintaining a relaxed state of mind. A more relaxed mind is essential for fighting stress and anxiety, as stress can dominate your thoughts if you do not control it. ● Through hypnosis, you may be able to make extra lifestyle changes that may help you to maintain manageable levels of stress and reduce negative thoughts. These lifestyle changes are what will keep your body and mind in a positive space, which is necessary for the longer-term management of stress and anxiety. ● The advantages of hypnosis aren’t limited to the maintenance of stress. This process may be beneficial in improving sleep, assisting with behavioural changes, soothing pain, and helping you to address any fears or phobias that may be plaguing you. Not only can hypnosis be a potential stress management treatment, but it can also become a part of your approach to other areas of concern that need attention.

live your best life

Consider Hypnotherapy

While hypnotherapy isn’t a magic wand or a cure all, studies have shown that not only is it effective treating all manner of issues it does so in many cases much, much faster than traditional talk therapies. Not only that, studies have also shown that when used in as part of your health care team, outcome in all areas of your life can be improved. As an added bonus as if you needed more, hypnotherapy is almost entirely relaxing and enjoyable to participate in.


Long past the traumatic event, associated emotional and physical distress can be activated even by non-threatening triggers. Hypnosis may help to identify these stimuli for resolution.


Hypnotherapy creates a trance state, a condition of intense physical and mental relaxation. While this relaxation alone may offer some relief from trauma symptoms, it also facilitates and enhances relevant additional therapies.


The relaxed, trance state allows reliving the distressing trauma in a safe environment and under the trained therapist’s supervision. More appropriate reactions to identified triggers are then introduced, gradually reducing the stress response’s severity. Your therapist may also provide ongoing ‘homework’, including breathing exercises, meditation and self-hypnosis techniques.

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