Food Aversion.

Welcome to R.G. Hypnotherapy, where we explore the incredible benefits of hypnotherapy in helping children overcome food aversion. If you are a parent struggling with your child’s picky eating habits, you’ve come to the right place.

Food aversion, also known as selective eating disorder or picky eating, is a common issue among children that can cause distress for both parents and children alike. It occurs when a child refuses to eat certain foods, leading to a limited diet that may not provide adequate nutrition for healthy growth and development.

Fortunately, hypnotherapy has proven to be a powerful tool in addressing and resolving food aversion in children. By tapping into their unconscious mind, hypnotherapy can help children develop a positive and adventurous relationship with food, ensuring they receive the nutrition necessary for their overall well-being.

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Simple Effective Treatment

During sessions we will work with your child to help them reach a relaxed state, and then use various techniques to help them change their attitudes and behaviors around food. For example, we may use visualization exercises to help your child imagine themselves enjoying a variety of foods or suggest positive affirmations to help build confidence and reduce anxiety around foods they may have previously avoided.

Remove Negative Associations

Hypnotherapy can help children develop a healthier relationship with food and overcome any negative associations they may have with certain foods.

This can help them become more adventurous eaters and improve their overall nutrition and health.

Hypnotherapy can help your child to enjoy mealtimes and ensure they get optimal nutrition

Introduce New Foods

Hypnotherapy can help kids try new foods by addressing any psychological barriers or fears they may have about trying new foods and help them overcome these fears by visualizing positive experiences with new foods, reducing anxiety and stress, and changing negative beliefs about certain foods.

Suggestion therapy is used to help reprogram the child’s subconscious mind to create positive associations with new foods.

By incorporating positive visualization techniques, the hypnotherapist can help the child feel more comfortable and confident about trying new foods.

Make Meal Times Easier

As a parent you want the best for your child, and that includes a fully balanced and nutritious diet but if your child won’t eat, mealtimes can become a bit like a battle ground. 

There’re tantrums and tears and attempts to bargain…then there’s the fussy kids who won’t eat.

Hypnotherapy can help get mealtimes under control so that you can get the best into your kids.

Food Aversion Hypnotherapy Melbourne

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Benefits of hypnotherapy

Find Freedom

Hypnotherapy can help you find freedom from anxiety symptoms so that ou can breathe easy again and really begin living.

Feel Happy and Confident

You can leave anxiety behind and discover happiness and confidence as you tackle each day with clear calm clarity.

Move Forward in Life

There’s no need to keep looking back, you can keep moving and looking forward to the fullfilling life that awaits.

Rapid Results

In just four to six sessions, clients will usually notice a better sense of well-being and positive changes in their behavior.

What Sets R.G. Hypnotherapy Apart Regarding Food Aversion for Kids Treatment Melbourne

Our hypnosis therapy focuses on addressing your mental health at a subconscious level. There we challenge the source of habits that hinder your progress and replace it with more empowering thoughts. The concept behind this is neuroplasticity, where you’re able to rewire your brain to adapt to circumstances to improve your life experience.

  • Highly qualified and experienced. Our therapist has an advanced diploma in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming from the Australian College of Hypnotherapy. She treats the cause of mental disorders for lasting change and not merely addressing the symptom.
  • Cost-effective. We cater to individuals of different budgets. After all, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your psychological well-being because you’re unable to afford it. We offer a free initial consultation, one or one and a half hour sessions, or you have the option of four, six or ten session packages.
  • Professional. We understand the challenges that come with finally deciding to take control of your mental health and the amount of effort required to reach out for help. We offer a non-judgmental environment where we treat client information with confidentiality so that individuals can open up without reservations and get to work on their peace of mind.

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Consider Hypnotherapy

While hypnotherapy isn’t a magic wand or a cure all, studies have shown that not only is it effective treating all manner of issues it does so in many cases much, much faster than traditional talk therapies. Not only that, studies have also shown that when used in as part of your health care team, outcome in all areas of your life can be improved. As an added bonus as if you needed more, hypnotherapy is almost entirely relaxing and enjoyable to participate in.

Session Packages

All of our packages include a 1.5hr Power Start Session, 45 min for children 6-12 years.

The number of sessions required depends on the individual and the size of their goal but from the first contact you will always have an idea of how many you may need.

Sessions for children 6-12 years are charged at half of the price listed below.

Initial Consultation

Discovery Session
FREE By phone or in person
  • 1/2 hour session
  • Peace of Mind
  • Take control

1.5hr Power Start

Take The Fist Step
$ 230 1 Session
  • Rapid Start
  • Deep Dive
  • Move Forward

1hr Follow Up Session

Don't Stop Now
$ 180 1 Session
  • Enhance Effectiveness
  • Cement Changes
  • Live Life

4 Session Package

Acute Healing
$ 615 4 Sessions
  • 1.5hr Power Start Session
  • Includes 4 Sessions
  • Free Take Home Booklet
  • Mp3 Hypnosis Recording
  • Acute Healing

6 Session Package

Deep Healing
$ 870 6 Sessions
  • 1.5hr Power Start Session​
  • Includes 6 Sessions ​
  • Free Take Home Booklet
  • Mp3 Hypnosis Recording
  • Deep Healing

10 Session Package

Ongoing Support
$ 1,480 10 Sessions
  • 1.5hr Power Start Session​
  • Includes 10 Sessions ​
  • Free Take home Booklet
  • Mp3 Hypnosis Recording
  • Ongoing Support

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